Mount St. Helens Dawn
Mount St. Helens National Monument, Washington

Wow, what a morning this was! We arrived around midnight, enjoyed the mountain under starlight for a few minutes and crawled in the back of the truck and slept a few hours until the alarm rang around 5 am. Looking out I was a bit disappointed that the whole landscape was in thick fog, and I thought that there was little chance of any dramatic light happening. Nevertheless, I decided to look for an interesting foreground, just in case. It was warm, very quiet, and the aroma of the tiny lupine was simply delicious. As soon as I set up, the fog lifted and exposed this magnificent landscape...enough time to make one composition. Just as quickly as it dissolved, the fog returned and once again the landscape was plunged into silence. Soon after this silence was broken by a spectacular and chilling song of a pack of coyotes that must have been roaming within a couple hundred feet. I felt extremely blessed.

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